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We can help you with all services and upgrades including...


● Standard or sports mufflers & exhaust systems


● Extractors


● Custom systems in mild and stainless steel


● Chrome tips

Mufflers & Exhausts:


● Standardtips

Do you feel frustrated with the sluggish towing of your camper, caravan or trailer up the highway?  Worried about towing up hills or inclines?  Looking for advice on possible fuel consumption improvements?


Give us call and we can give you advice you on cost effective improvements to make to your 4WD, which can give you up to a gear in the sand, and a gear or two on the highway.


Ask us about improvements you can get from:

  • Extractors

  • Exhaust system upgrade

  • Computer re-flash and tune

  • Cold air induction

  • Snorkel &/or performance air filter


To make the most of your fuel cost savings for your 4WD, and to prevent the risk of getting stuck in remote locations, ensure that you get your 4WD serviced regularly. This can help you to avoid untimely and costly repairs.


(02) 4960 3911
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Own it now, pay later

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